Imagine being able to serve and host your own VR Experiences directly from your webserver.
To be able to host and own your content.
To be able to create something that will work for more than one VR Service.
I hope to make this a possibility.
I don't have much here yet.
But I hope you will understand my vision.
Even nicer, if you offer help with making it possible.

This will, by nature, be an open source project.
To make this work, we will need a client/browser, an auxiliary server, and a lot of ambition.
I want the VR World to evolve.

In the end, I want something that looks like this:
<!DOCTYPE vreml> <vreml> <head> </head> <body> <mesh src="test.fbx" scale="1,1,1" rotation="0,0,0"> <mesh src="child.fbx" scale="1,1,1" rotation="0,0,0"/> </mesh> </body> </vreml> I propose to the world, not another VR Experience client. But a standard for those clients to co-exist.
A language and means of self hosting VR Content to share.
Freedom and retaining ownership of your content.
A standard to make it easier for artist and new developers create.
A Standard to allow you to view your content with any Service/Client/Browser of your choice.
I don't aim to compete with any VR Platform, but hope to create standards that VR Platforms would embrace and support to create a cross compatabile ecosystem.

Current Projects

VRCAI A VR Companion AI software suite.
Catmint A VR Experience Browser in progress.
Catnip A VR Gaming and Experience Server designed for adding multiplayer interactions to your experience
Catsgrowl A Graphics Engine Designed for VR Experiences.


If you would like to help, visit our gitlab to sign up as a contributor! gitlab
Heck, if not obvious, we could use someone to do some web work too. *hint, hint*